Version Period Developments
Version alfa
1992 - 1995
Enumerative techniques
Version beta
1996 - 2000

Concept orientation

Theoretical foundations

Version 1
2001 – 2006

Evidence analysis

Multi language

Adjustments to ISO 18104: 2003

Management data model

Care complexity (individual factors)

Complexity (Data Model)

Basic ontologies. Part 1

Version 2
2007 - 2011

Implementation in hospital clinical practice: adult nursing, pediatric nursing , maternal and child are psychiatry and mental health nursing.

Mappings with the main classifications

Theoretical refinement

Metric validation

Main and secondary diagnosis concept.

Management model indicators

Basic ontologies. Part 2

Version 3
2012 - 2016

Implementation in elderly care facilities

Implementation in general and specialized day hospitals

Adjustments to ISO 18104: 2014 Standard

Publication of the book ATIC Eje Diagnóstico

Release of the free app ATIC for iphone and android.

Basic ontologies. Part 3

ATIC Patient Classification System. Design and pilot study.

Version 4
2017 - 2021

Implementation in primary and community care practices

Implementation in critical care and emergency departments

Chaining, post-coordination and polymorphism

Classification of diagnostic categories

ATIC Patient Classification system. Validation studies and implementation in practice.

Advanced ontologies. Part 1